Private Labelling

Take advantage of our Labelling service and personalize products with ypur label. We are always available to design and customize products for you.
Our wide range of couplings is suitable to every need. Discover the full range of Compomac couplings.


pieces branded, custom labeled and sold as requested


customized pieces with bore and keyway, clamping hubs type or special tolerances


Number of customers from Italy, Europe and worldwide

Rota Free caters to your needs.
Build your brand with us.

“Made in Italy” Warranty

  • We can customize our products according to your demands and create new products with your brand or logo. We are a team of experts in transmission components
  • Our products are designed, tested and certified in Italy. This gives us the ability to be flexible and meet your needs.
  • We can customize our parts by labeling them with your brand name

Advantages of choosing Private Label service by our group

Choose us for private labelling service, because we are efficient, we respect the delivery times, and our engineering expertise can concretely help you.
Add our products in your catalogue: through our exclusive web connection, you will have access to our stock 24/7.

100% Italian products and certificate of origin


100% Quality

We work so that our products make a difference to your project.

Proud to be “Made in Italy”

We have been producing and designing in Italy for over 25 years. We follow new and existing projects daily.

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