Steel gear couplings

Crowngear is a double joint coupling manufactured from forged steel using as transmission element two crowned tooth geared hubs which engage two internal straight teeth flanges.

Advantage of the system

  • Very high torque density and low mass moment of inertia
  • High torsional stiffness
  • High shaft misalignment compensation with low restoring forces
  • The 2 flanges drawing allow the radial dismounting of the motor without any displacement of the driven side and the axial displacement of the flanges to control the shaft alignment, gear condition, and grease level
  • Temperature -10°C a +80°C

The series Crowngear SD is a combination of a coupling and 2 Shrink Discs, with the further advantage of a higher fatigue resistance, a limited angular backlash, a much easier mounting and disassembly, avoiding the interference mounting by pressing, hubs heating and the high pressure oil disassembly.