Metalflex-Servo couplings

Zero backlash couplings – high torsional stiffness- low inertia couplings

Metalflex is an innovative coupling for high performance applications, requiring repeatability, accuracy in positioning, motion and synchronization control at high speed.

Metalflex is an assembly of two aluminium clamping hubs with a thin walled stainless steel bellow, which remains stiff under torsional load, but is axially, radially and angularly flexible in order to compensate misalignments within the connecting shafts: the result is a zero backlash, high torsional, stiffness, low inertia coupling.

Advantage of Metalflex

  • High speeds
  • Temperature -30°C a +120°C
  • Type B with split hubs

The advantage of Metalflex against other zero backlash couplings on the market, such as beam or curved jaw couplings, is a higher torsional stiffness, key factor for the precision in positioning.